Businesses & Organisations

Businesses & Organisations
Superhelp for businesses and organisations

Superhelp allows you to deliver help topics and training content to your staff/students. As explained on the Superhelp page, you can direct your users to the Superhelp website or add a login form or login button to your own web pages.

  • Connected devices
  • User accounts
  • Access to all courses or specified courses only
Connected devices

When you sign up for a Superhelp account, you choose how many devices can be connected at the same time, for example, 20, 50, 100 or 1000 devices. Depending on how often your staff use Superhelp, 50 connections would probably serve 200-400 employees without a problem.

User accounts

The simplest solution for your Superhelp account is to have one User account with one set of login credentials that all your staff/students can use.

You could also choose to create multiple User accounts with different login credentials. This is useful if you want to make different training content available to different groups of employees/students.

Access to all courses or specified courses only

For each User account, you can choose which courses are available. For example, make everything available, just a single course or a suite of courses.